be your own champion

Nico Voegeli


I want to help you to: discover, explore, reach, and achieve your goals.

My name is Nico Voegeli; I am a Sports Mental Coach. Being born in a family where sports is a part of life, from an early age, I was participating in numerous cycling races. With time, my passion for sports led me to multiple marathons, triathlons, and ultra-cycling events. 
Desire to perform at work, be a great family man, and achieve my sports goals led me to a disbalance and pressure, and there when I learned the importance of a healthy mental state of mind. 

A strong mind helped me to focus on my job, be a better husband, and, nonetheless, linger my passion for ultra-endurance sports. My passion for sports took me to a Sports Mental Académie, where I have graduated as a qualified Sports Mental Coach, with a significant variation of numeriouse skills, technics, and strategies in mind coaching. 

Today, when I know that mental health is key to our triumph, I want to share my knowledge and experience with you.

A good coach can change your game a great coach can change your life