The greatest weapon against stress is a strong mind. 

The human mind is not made for coping with stress, our nature, and our mind prevent us from exposure to pressure. Meanwhile, the level of stress in an average company increased by 40% in comparison with the past generation. 

The world is developing itself much faster than our bodies, thus exposing us constantly to numerous stress factors, starting with technology and communication. 

Today as never, it is essential to maintain a healthy life-work balance and be mentally prepared for stress exposure. The sharp mind gives a unique competitive advantage and stress resistance to your associates today; they take your company a step further tomorrow. 

Through numerous technics, I help people to train their minds in being pressure-resistant, and thus, performance-oriented. 

Every seminar is costume made for your specific industry and the stress level of your associates. All seminars and workshops are available in German and English, in Switzerland and abroad.  

For further questions and booking, do not hesitate to get in touch with me at any time.